Samples and Seconds Range

**70gm Bonus Jars now available across all 50gm Jar options for $9.00 including value bundles**

For a limited time until stocks run out you will receive a 70gm Bonus Jar in place of every 50gm Jar ordered.

Sustainability is a key focus for us,  with that in mind we are offering our samples and seconds under our not for profit product range.

These delicious pieces don't make the cut for our premium jars and are not Instagram worthy,  however they are pretty great for so many uses. You will find pieces that may be curly ends, over dried, broken, a little too much pith, or too much stretch from the 'de pipping!"

Kombucha, Baking, Marinades, Teas, Bath Salts and Flavouring your water bottle just to name a few!

$9.00 for 50gms will cover our Jars, Labour + Labelling, the Fruit is on us!


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Helen Milhuisen
Sample and Seconds

Always 100% happy with all the products I receive 😊

merran marriott
Samples and seconds

I'm very happy with my purchase. It was delivered in perfect condition and will be great for using in my dyeing projects.

Melinda Muller
Love them

Great products , great service